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  1. Aukmont Saddle AUKMONT LEATHER SADDLE (5 Jul 17) This looks like a relatively new item. At the date of this listing they seem to have only about three different models of this leather saddle. It resembles a Brooks saddle. But be careful, one person received a slightly defective saddle which he had to return. This is a lower priced type saddle and remember that all leather saddles require a certain break-in period. Also, one or more of their models may be made from plastic leather material.

    ►This 1890's style bicycle saddle is made of thick cowhide, Fit for all Touring Bikes & Low-Rider style bikes. Real Leather Needs Care. Rails are chrome plated, Front chrome coil spring. Designed for upright riding position. Dual coil springs rear / Single coil spring front. It has 3 springs: 2 at the rear and 1 at the front. This 3 springs design greatly increases the effective suspension travel. Made of thick cowhide with protective coating. Heavy duty. Rails are chrome plated. Seat clamp for 7/8in straight seat post. Weight: 0.95kg. Color: Coffee. Package Contents: 1 X Bicycle Saddle. 1 X Bicycle Back Bag.◄
  2. Comfort Seat STORM QUEST TACTICAL BIKE SADDLE (5 Apr 17) I own one of these. But i have not used it yet, so i cannot comment about it.

    ►This carbon fiber bike seat has a beefier suspension platform and features an all black, all weather Kevlar reinforced cover. The Storm Quest, which is constructed from waterproof Kevlar, is built for the rigors of bike patrol and other prolonged daily excursions. RideOut's saddles are built to reduce pressure points, chafing, and bike-induced inflammation for both male and female riders. The Storm Quest and the other Comfort saddles are designed to be minimalistic. Less is good when it comes to bike saddles, not just to reduce weight, but to reduce chafing and wear on the body. How the saddles fit and contour to your rear end, and ultimately how it supports you, matters most. The patented "crossbow" supports make the Storm Quest and the Comfort Carbon saddles unique. These carbon-fiber supports flex, absorbing and dispersing the road shock through the entire seat. The thermal-molded base plate is designed to fit the contours of the human body. Lastly, multi-density foam is used to give you a saddle that's comfortable for the long haul. Beefier suspension platform Features all black, all weather, Kevlar reinforced cover Less than 400 grams Deeper cut out and extra padding for no groin discomfort Deeper cut-out for prostate protection Dynamic engineered platform. Endorsed by Police. Maximum comfort for long rides. Prostrate protection. No groin numbness.◄
  3. Brooks B-67 Saddle Honey Color BROOKS B67 SADDLE   I have bought this saddle. Very well made and very comfortable. Great seat for a hybrid bike or even a 20in wheel folding type bicycle. Picture shows the men's model in Honey color. Also available in Black, Tan & Antique Brown. Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ►The B67 and B67 S are the modern versions of B66 models, first featured in the 1927 catalog. Classically sprung for supreme comfort, the B67 and B67 S feature single rails for attachment to modern micro-adjust seat pillars. Made in England.◄

  4. No Nose or Hose Cool Saddle WEST BIKING NO-NOSE BICYCLE SEAT   Here is what looks like a new design from West Biking. I have not tried this model before but i would like to. A lot of people will probably be freaked out by the high lift frame, but maybe it is the price to pay for comfort.

    ►This model features high density foam padding and black leather cover. WEST BIKING Original Brand of US; 2015 Newest Arrival. Designed for long hours in the saddle, the split nose design eliminates pressure on the perineum area.
    The Original Easyseat has adjustable (width) pads that move independently while pedaling for superior comfort. Although this is our oldest model, the medical benefits it provides you, the rider, is just the same as any one of our higher end products. Simply put, this seat will eliminate all pressure and cycling related pains by placing the riders weight only on his/her sit bones. This is a true unisex bike seat. Note: The best position for the seat is sitting upright with handle bars positioned High. Company/Manufacture: West Biking (US Brand). Material: PU, PVC, 65-Manganese. Size: 20*14.5*20cm (7.87*5.71*7.87Inch). Unit weight: 0.9Kg (1.98Lb). The Seat's innovative, ergonomic design eliminates the protruding horn or nose found on conventional bicycle seats, providing a significantly more comfortable and healthy ride. For many people, buying a new bike also means shopping for a more comfortable seat. Traditional bike saddles cut off circulation, leading to discomfort and, in some cases, sexual dysfunction.◄
  5. Laterelle Ergonomic Comfort Seats LATERELLE ERGONOMIC COMFORT SEATS   I think this is a relatively new design: There are three models available: City-Cush $39.99, Maxi-Cush $39.99, & Sports $39.99 model. In my experience "Lateral Support" is real important for safe handling of your bicycle (lateral means "side-to-side"). I have not yet bought one of these so i cannot tell you how they work, but the price is actually quite low for a bike seat. I hope they are good.

    ►Patented design with 4 dimensions of lateral support. 3 sizes to choose from for proper fit. Maxi-Cush model is 11.8in W x 7.1in L. Fits all standard seat posts. 5 Year Warranty.◄
  6. Nexify Silicone Saddle NEXIFY SILICONE CUSHION BICYCLE SADDLE   Someone said the dimensions of this saddle is: 7.5in x 10.5in x 4.5in. There is not much said about this seat on the Amazon webpage - one reviewer said: "Good" and another reviewer said: "Soft". The full title of the product is: "Nexify Silicone Cushion Bicycle Accessories Saddle Seat MTB Big Super Soft Generic". On the date of this listing it said: 1 new from $76.46. If these turn out to be a good item, i am hoping they (amazon) will restock this for future sales.
  7. Extra Wide Comfort Seat #6911V WORKSMAN EXTRA WIDE COMFORT SEAT   This link here goes to the Worksman Cycles very large "Extra Wide Comfort Seat #6911V". It has a high star rating. Super comfortable, thickly padded, 13in wide bicycle seat, fits any 7/8in seatpost, dual-coiled springs, sturdy steel base.

    ►Super comfortable, thickly padded, 13in wide, dual spring support. Be kind to YOUR seat with OUR seat! This incredibly comfortable seat is designed to make your riding experience more enjoyable. This extra wide comfort seat is 13 inches across, is thickly padded, and contains dual springs. Fits standard 7/8in seat posts. This seat is often the difference between wanting to ride your bicycle or making excuses not to ride! After all, nobody wants to be uncomfortable!◄
  8. Schwinn Fashion Comfort Seat SCHWINN FASHION COMFORT SEATS   There are at least 6 different colors to choose from on They are made using waterproof material which prevents riding on a soggy seat in the rain. There is airflow from center channels of the seat which provides ventilation. Quick easy installation fits most bicycles easily.

    ►This Schwinn comfort saddle fits most bicycle frames. Center channel relieves pressure for a more comfortable ride. Coil spring suspension plus soft cushioned material makes rides more comfortable. Seat is waterproof, and easily wipes off when parked in the rain. Ventilation holes allow air to flow to keep you cooler when riding.◄
  9. Schwinn pillow top cruiser bicycle seat SCHWINN PILLOW TOP CRUISER BICYCLE SEAT   Here is a very low cost comfort seat with lots of buyers who seem to generally like this saddle. Described on the listing page: "Comfortable cruiser bicycle seat, Extra gel for maximum comfort, Weather-resistant Lycra cover, Ideal for cruiser bikes, comfort bikes, and more."

    ►One Amazon Reviewer: Do away with discomfort while cycling with this Schwinn Pillow Top cruiser bicycle seat. The seat is outfitted with extra gel for maximum comfort, along with a weather-resistant Lycra cover. It's the perfect addition to cruiser bikes, comfort bikes, and casual-riding road bikes. One Amazon Reviewer said: Haven't really road my bike too much because my seat becomes too much! This seat is by far the BEST seat i ever had. Didn't want to spend a lot of $'s, this IS priced right. Whomever designed this seat tested it. You're weight is on your ischial tuberosity's and not the pubic bone! I'm 265 lbs, very important. I will be riding every other day now. Luv this seat! Comfortable not too big for small behinds. If it holds up well over time-this IS A WINNER.◄
  10. Gavin Gel Foam Anatomic Relief Bicycle Seat w/Extra Wide Cutout GAVIN ANATOMIC RELIEF BICYCLE SEAT   Another low cost saddle here for your consideration. This one features a wider than usual center cut-out allowing more air flow and a cooler ride. I cannot tell if this is a ladies saddle or a men's saddle. Maybe it is a "Unisex" saddle.

    ►Anatomic relief saddle eliminates pain and numbness for any style of biking. Gel foam padding offers maximum support and comfort, vinyl shell provides durability. Center cutout offers anatomic relief and ventilation. 9.5in long x 6.5in wide, good fit for most riders, 340g.

    Comment By Reviewer: Good Bike Seat. By Sue Payne on May 11, 2014. Good seat, but takes awhile to break in. I would recommend this to anyone willing to take the time to break in the seat. It will soften the more you ride.◄

  11. Sample of Product BELL MEMORY FOAM SADDLE, RECLINE 800   A lot of people buy this saddle and seem to like it according to the high star Amazon reviews. It is described as a "Mid-size comfort shape, made with a thick real memory foam outer layer which forms to the rider, dampens shock, has vented ergonomic channel which cools and relieves pressure. Rich fabric and subtle graphics, & Soft elastomer suspension".

    ►One Amazon Review: I'm a big guy (6ft-2in - 215lbs) and the stock seat on my hybrid bike was less of a saddle and more of a torture device. Too small and too hard. I'm so glad I found this one! This saddle is big and soft, but not too soft. It's not a couch cushion or anything but it cradles my bum nicely and the size is perfect for me. I can ride much longer and in much more comfort now. Those of you of smaller stature might want to keep in mind that this is a large seat and I can Imagine it may be uncomfortable for you. Long distance riders and racers probably won't be interested either, but for you casual cyclists who just want to cruise around town and have a build that would benefit from a larger seat, I highly recommend this saddle.◄
  12. Bell Bellisima Women's Saddle BELL BELLISIMA WOMEN'S SADDLE   This link takes you to Here is 3 comments made by previous buyers: "I replaced the OEM hard as a brick seat on my mountain bike with this seat. I thought it would look funny but it doesn't. It complement's my bike nicely. But what's more important is that it feels great. I ride mostly on unpaved hard packed bike trails that are a little bumpy and I have no pain or discomfort like I did with my old seat. It adds a little style and a lot of comfort . . . Was very disappointed with the product. I could not tell the size from the picture. Not even close to what I wanted or needed. Did not explain how to put it on the bike, was lacking a part. But the best part of it was, Amazon picked it up and returned it with no problems and even had the return label for me. That was awesome . . . My old seat was cracked and held together with duct tape. Bought this as a replacement. Very stylish and comfortable as well as super easy to install! Well worth the price!

    ►A custom-designed option for her comfort and style! Designed to align with female sit bones. ErgoChannel provides relief to soft tissue. Contoured nose helps protect against chafing. SoftShox bumpers offer a more comfortable ride.◄
  13. Sample of Product TERRY BICYCLES WOMAN'S SADDLE   Terry Bicycles specializes in women's bicycle products, but does have a small amount of items for men. Click on the picture at the right to visit this specific seat on Terry Bicycles Butterfly TI Gel Saddle (A quality women's saddle).

    ►In 1985, Georgena Terry created a company destined to become a household name among women cyclists throughout the world. True to her passion for cycling gear that specifically addresses the fit and needs of women, she expanded the line to include saddles, the primary touch-point while riding. And while the company has expanded and the line of saddles has grown exponentially, the Butterfly Carbon Saddle retains all of the characteristics embodied in the original Butterfly that is loved the world over. The original women's saddle, the Butterfly, was designed in 1999. While it has gone through revisions over the years, the basic design and profile have remained the same. There are now several versions of the Butterfly each one with unique features. Terry's Butterfly Ti Saddle was constructed on titanium rails. Although not as light as the Butterfly Carbon, it is still significantly lighter than the Cro-moly saddles. It features the same multi-density injection molded foam as in the entire Butterfly line placing stiffer padding over the paddles and softer foam along the full length channel and a cut-out to relieve pressure against soft tissue areas. Additionally, a thin layer of gel is laid over the padding for a little extra comfort during long rides. Covered in real leather with an embossed butterfly pattern, the saddle is sure to turn heads perched on your prized steed. The Terry Butterfly Carbon Saddle measures 262mm long by 155mm wide at the paddle. It weighs 274grams and is available in the color Black.◄
  14. Specialized Expedition Gel Saddle SPECIALIZED EXPEDITION GEL   I cannot find this saddle on, it is available on the Specialized website and maybe from their dealers. On the date of this listing the Specialized list price was $40.00. One reviewer says: "I bought this saddle for my specialized sirrus sport road bike, and i absolutely love this seat. It is so comfortable and looks good too! The only thing i don't like is that its a little bit on the heavy side but that's OK! It has springs underneath the seat which makes it very flexible when you sit on it! I think it is made very well and that the quality of this seat is great, the material is very strong and well built! I recommend this seat to anyone who is looking for a relaxed, comfortable and fun ride!!"

    ►Perfect for your cruiser or urban commuter, this saddle is like a cushy couch for your backside, with its generous padding and spring base construction. Body Geometry V-groove design improves comfort and increases blood flow in critical areas. Ergonomic design for upright, relaxed comfort. Web spring base with elastomer rail suspension for instant, plush comfort. Gel padding for increased comfort and pressure dispersion. Size 215mm / Weight 681g◄
  15. Serfas Performance RX Bicycle Saddle SERFAS PERFORMANCE RX SADDLE   Another well liked saddle available on with high reviews. This particular model has the following features: Hollow chrome moly rails, Patented Dual Density base, ICS Technology for supported comfort, Narrow design for endurance MTB and Road riding.

    ►The seat that started the low pressure revolution! Covered by Good Housekeeping, Men's Journal, and other top magazines, this seat has always been known to substantially improve any numbness problem. One Reviewer Says: I have 3 road bikes. I put this saddle on one of them. Never had any problems. No pain issues and I like the material it is made from. It has a nice firm feel to it and is split quite aways down. The saddle has a great warranty. You can try it for quite awhile and if you are not happy with it, they will take it back. The store I bought it from told me I could try it for 60 days and if I did not like it, bring it back. Give it at least 2 weeks of riding to let your butt get use to it. Well made product.◄

  16. The Executive Seat THE EXECUTIVE SEAT   Here's another fat saddle from Amazon that has a high user rating. It is made by a business called: "Yosemite Bicycles" based in Napa, California. People seem to like it, but comment that it is best for use on short trips around town.

    The Original "Executive Saddle" Best Features:

    • Extra wide, anatomical seat design.
    • Oversized Black Suspension springs.
    • Comfortable, gel foam cushioning.
    • Universal mounting system works with most road, cruiser, exercise and mountain bikes.
    • Durable, weatherproof Lycra material.

    ►Most bicycle seats can cause you to cut short or eliminate your bicycle ride due to skinny, uncomfortable, or poorly designed seats that cut off your blood flow, leading to numbness and discomfort. This seat replaces your uncomfortable bicycle seat with gel foam cushioning, an extra wide saddle, two over-sized suspension springs and an anatomic relief design, made with durable weatherproof Lycra. 10.5in x 10.5in, 4 lbs. Universal mount system fits most cruiser, exercise, mountain and road bike seat posts. MOUNT INSTRUCTIONS: Saddle comes mounted with a standard seat post clamp for use with most cruisers and exercise bicycles. For use with most mountain and road bicycles, simply remove the seat post clamp and bolt Micro Adjust Seat Post directly to seat. For more information on us and the seat check out:◄
  17. Thudbuster Seat Posts THUDBUSTER SEAT POST   It has been my experience with trying to achieve a comfortable bicycle ride, that incorporating the use of the "Thudbuster" seatpost was the only addition that actually made any real difference in the saddle comfort. The only saddles in my experience which did not require a Thudbuster were the heavily sprung leather Brooks saddles model numbers B-33, B-73, B-135 & B-190. The links here take you to the actual Cane Creek Amazon search results. I personally use and like the "Cane Creek 3G Thudbuster Long Travel Seatpost, 27.2" best. If you buy from the Thudbuster website directly, i will not receive my little commission on the sale, so please order this product from the Amazon Website to support this site. Sometimes you will have to order items from Thudbuster, because Amazon will not have the item in stock. Thanks.

    ►Welcome to We offer you the most current inventory of the best suspension seatpost in the bike industry. Plus, with 18 years building, riding, racing, and selling Thudbuster suspension seatposts, we can answer your questions, fulfill your requests, and provide technical support like nobody else. We're here to make your cycling experience the best it can be and we'd love to hear from you. By adding the Thudbuster rear suspension you'll ride faster, longer, and stronger with better traction, more control, and less fatigue. The performance, relative low weight, and simplicity make it the best suspension upgrade you can make to your hardtail. Based on a patented parallel-linkage design, the Thudbuster LT provides up to 3 inches of active stiction-free travel. Unlike telescoping suspension posts, there is no initial stiction to overcome-the suspension mechanism works in the direct path of the natural travel of the rear wheel. The elastomers provide the compression and rebound damping, and can be easily exchanged to tune the suspension. -Ryan McFarland, Thudbuster inventor◄
  18. Avenir Classic Cruiser Saddle AVENIR CRUISER SADDLE   This Avenir saddle has a good high star rating on Amazon and people seem to like it. Clicking the links presented here takes you to the website where you can get more information about this saddle and purchase it if you so desire.

    ►Soft foam padding is comfortable and light weight. Chrome-plated sturdy steel rails. Shock absorbing steel coil springs combined with a web-spring base give a luxurious lounge chair comfortable ride. A few reviews: The vintage 50's look and the three spring suspension are why I was interested in this saddle. It not only looks a lot better than the original seat, it is many times more comfortable. I shopped a long time before I found this saddle. Well padded and wide. Just like taking your favorite living room chair along! Matches perfectly with the Electra Vintage Ergo Grips. Rear rail looks great and provides a mounting location for a seat bag. Springs both front and back allow for a very soft ride. One caveat. This seat mounts ONLY with a straight seat post. The seat slides down over the straight seat post top and clamps tight with bolts and nuts. If your current seat post attaches to your seat using a rail system, it will not work with this seat. You MUST buy a post with a straight top. Be sure you check your seat post diameter before you order. I'm in the middle of a project bike build, and when I was looking for neat-o seats that had a cool, retro look (without paying the "vintage tax"), I stumbled upon this beauty. My sensitive bits are protected quite nicely, and man alive, does the seat look gorgeous doing it. I haven't owned it very long, so I can't comment on how well the chrome parts are going to hold up to the abuse, but I don't think it matters anyway - the rattier it looks, the less I have to work to give it a patina. This saddle is not for weight weenies, but if you're building a cruiser, I don't think it'll matter much, anyway. But be warned, it's heavier than a bag full of bull testicles.◄
  19. Vitesse Cruiser Bike Seat VITESSE CRUISER SEAT   This seat has a low price and a high Amazon rating. It is also sold for the same price at Walmart and also has a very high star rating over there. Item model number: 63900. Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 10 x 6 inches. Made by: La Z Boy Products.

    ►This saddle has a spring network enhanced with traditional cruiser springs (dual spring rider suspension) and wide saddle maximize shock absorption mounted on a strong nylon main frame. Layer of super soft Gelite gives even more comfort and eliminates road fatigue. Covered in a resilient breathable fabric (soft Lycra top) that cleans easily. At Kent, our goal is to get you where you want to go -- and to get you there safely.◄

  20. Nexride Saddle NEXRIDE SADDLE   Here is a new saddle on the market. Designed by the man involved with the Xootr Folding Bicycle. I am going to buy one of these to test it out. The Price on this date (10-4-11) $89.50 inc. S&H. Seat dimensions: 200x75mm/8inx3in. Seat-post compatibility: Conventional 2-rail clamp. Update (20 Sept 2013): I bought one of these saddles, and after reading the reviews on agreed with one reviewer "Spike McLarty" who mentions loss of control of your bicycle and potentially dangerous saddle. I did not like it, but that does not mean you won't like it. Read the reviews because this saddle works well for some people. One Review which may be very helpful about this saddle: "I had a local bike shop install it for me, and worked with them to figure out if it was tilted correctly, etc. as I had read previous reviews about this before purchasing the saddle. It took me seconds to get over the wobble that you feel (the seat pivots quite a bit). The pivot, along with the lack of protruding nose, prevents the pressure on your underparts - both the unmentionable parts and the upper hamstring and the pelvis in general - that are usually the reasons for seeking out a noseless saddle. I have no trouble riding no handed, but I can see why one could have trouble with this. Instead of using your legs against the saddle nose to balance the bike, I feel like I balance by counter-leaning. I posit that I got there by aggressively testing out the swivel while trying to get used to the saddle. Once you feel sure about how far it swivels and what affect that has while you are riding, you can control it and that feeling of not having as secure a control of the bike disappears. Rider weight limit: 250lbs/114kg. Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ►The Nexride Saddle is the first noseless bike saddle designed specifically for the sport cyclist. Unlike other noseless saddles, the lightweight Nexride Saddle contains patent-pending technology that allows it to flex with your natural motion, providing unparalleled performance, protection, and comfort. The Nexride saddle is a padded "bench" that supports cyclists under their sit bones (ischia tuberosities, if you must), rather than their very sensitive perineal areas. The sit bones were engineered by nature to support your body weight. Your perineum, to put it delicately, was not. However, an ordinary bench makes a lousy bike seat. Fortunately, the Nexride Saddle is no ordinary bench. A key Nexride patent-pending innovation allows the Nexride noseless saddle to pivot 15 degrees in either direction to accommodate the natural motion of your femur and pelvis as you pedal. The combination of a robust bench and a pivoting base offers both safe and secure support of your pelvis and unimpeded pedaling for the sport cyclist.◄
  21. Brooks Saddles Women's B-67 Honey BROOKS B67 S SADDLE (WOMEN'S)   This Brooks Women's Saddle has a very high star rating on Amazon. People like it, especially women. This saddle is available in about 4 different colors and finishes. Saddle shown in the picture at the right is "Honey" colored, a very popular color. Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ►Brooks Saddles B67 S is the modern version of the B66 model, first featured in the 1927 catalogue. Classically sprung for supreme comfort, the B67 S features single rails for attachment to modern micro-adjust seat pillars. The black leather saddle features tubular steel rivets, and weighs 820 grams.◄

    • Classically Sprung Saddle
    • Single Rails that Attach to Modern Micro-Adjust Seat Pillars
    • Made for Leisurely Type of Cycling
    • Rear Part of the Saddle is Wider
    • Tubular Steel Rivets

  22. Spiderflex Saddle SPIDERFLEX   This seat is my favorite and i have bought this seat for all my bicycles. The Spiderflex saddle is very well made and extremely comfortable to use. No break-in period required. Also, easier to mount and dismount seat and bike, makes the bicycle a little safer. This business is located in the state of North Dakota, USA.

    ►The Spiderflex Comfortable Bike Seat can make cycling fun again! Developed for all levels of recreational bike riders, the Spiderflex REC bicycle seat leads the biking industry in comfort and durability. The Spiderflex bike saddle's patented noseless design provides a healthy ergonomic choice for today's bike riders, and has been engineered and road tested to fit the anatomy of both male and female cyclists. For male cyclists, Spiderflex bicycle seats are ergonomically designed to eliminate groin pain numbness and increase blood flow on those long rides. The Spiderflex bike seat prevents perineal pressure, and reduces compression on the prostate. For women cyclists, the Spiderflex bike seat has an innovative patented design that is built to accommodate women's proportions and bone structure. The forgiving style of the Spiderflex bicycle saddle cradles your "sit bones" in exactly the right place, to ensure a safe and comfortable ride all day long! The Spiderflex REC hornless bike seat installs easily on all standard seat posts and clamps.◄
  23. Hobson Easy Seat II Bicycle Saddle HOBSON EASYSEAT II   A long time ago i bought and tried this seat, but it was too hard for me, so i returned it. However, the are plenty of other people who like the seat and it has worked well for them. Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ►A truly revolutionary design, the Easyseat II has a simple thumb-wheel placed in the center of the two seat pads allowing for simultaneous, uncomplicated and accurate width adjustments of the seat pads for custom fitting. The base, with longer rails, is made of nylon and glass and is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the Original Easyseat. To add to the stability of the ride the seat pads are a bit wider; in addition to having elastomers or rubber plugs in each pad to keep the seat pad firm against your leg on each down-stroke. This seat has more padding when compared to the Original Easyseat and the tips are more supple for comfort in various riding positions. NOTE: The best position for the seat is sitting upright with handle bars positioned high. Some bikes may require a 7/8″ diameter seat clamp (available off this website) for installation. Stress tested up to 300 LBS.◄
  24. RideOut Carbon Comfort Saddle RIDEOUT COMFORT SADDLE   I have purchased this seat, my sister took it from me and she said she likes it. Have bought a replacement one and still need to try it out. Please click on the picture at the right to buy this saddle from Your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ►At last, the invention of a comfortable bicycle saddle and pain free riding! Necessity is indeed the Mother of Invention. During a cross-state ride, I became increasing uncomfortable with my seat. Although the saddle I was riding was touted as one of the best, by day four,I simply could no longer stand it. I was so sore, my bottom hurt so much, that I actually ended up walking the whole day, pushing my bike. Painfully, I finished the ride, and with every mile became ever more determined to build a better saddle. Several years and nearly 50 prototypes later, the Carbon Comfort Saddle was born.   ~Jeri Rutherford, Developer and Managing Partner◄

    • Uni-Sex design offers comfort for both male and female
    • Patented infused carbon fiber base flexes to rider and absorbs road shock
    • Kevlar reinforced cover with high visibility 3m Scotchlite insert for safety
    • CroMo rails marked for easy adjustment
    • Flexible but strong ergonomic platform

    Ride Out Saddles *Infused carbon fiber in the supportive saddle base absorbs and dampens road shock and chatter *Thermal molded base plate matches the body anatomy *Advance foam technology under the "sit bones" provide lasting comfort *Kevlar reinforced cover and built in reflection patch. Item Specifications: Color: Black/Yellow; Weight: 395g; Rail: CroMoly; Clamp Style: Std Rails; Gender: Men's; Defined Color: Black.
  25. Model eg-8240e hybrid elastomer SERFAS   They seem to have many different styles of "Comfort Saddles". I have been using these saddles and have been having very good results. This company really does have a very large selection of comfort type bicycle seats for both men and women. You should be able to find something that works for you here on Amazon. If you like the conventional look in a bike saddle, then this is the place to shop.

    ►Whatever the destination, cyclists are seeking the ultimate ride, and Serfas is making sure they find it. Our 15-year commitment to quality, performance, and customer service is reflected in our innovative products, and this year's next generation of rider-tested, rider-approved Serfas designs gives us a whole lot to get excited about. Our 2009 product offering presents revolutionary advancements in cycling technology with an expanded product line. For instance, our new frictionless Reactive Gel shorts, our high-powered, easy-mount HLM-2 lighting system, and our H.O.T. (Helmet Optimized Temples) eye wear (click here to read more about Serfas Optics) that are designed to fit – not – fight- the helmet. Also featured is the most comfortable saddle in its class, the Serfas Dual Density Suspension saddle with advance EyeFlex Technology. Serfas knows that cycling should build up your body, not break it down, and our cycling gear is designed with this idea in mind.◄
  26. Hobson Original Easyseat HOBSON EASY SEAT   I bought one of these a long time ago, tried it for awhile and did not like it so sent it back or did something with it, i don't remember. This saddle has mixed reviews on Some people were able to make use of it, some did not like it, like me. Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ►The Original Easyseat has adjustable (width) pads that move independently while pedaling for superior comfort. Since 1982 – over 800 thousand sold and counting. Although this is our oldest model, the medical benefits it provides you, the rider, is just the same as any one of our higher end products. Simply put, this seat will eliminate all pressure and cycling related pains by placing the riders weight only on his/her sit bones. This is a true unisex bike seat. NOTE: The best position for the seat is sitting upright with handle bars positioned High. Some Bikes may require a 7/8in diameter seat clamp for installation (available off our website). This seat has been stress tested up to 350lbs. Product Description: EasySeat Softer adjustable Pads no pressure on sensitive areas & Seatpost NOT included. The body is supported where needed most. This unique design eliminates the center horn completely which is the cause of discomfort in many conventional saddles. The two individual cups support and protect the pressure points of the body alleviating chaffing, pain and numbness. Easy Seats are easy to adjust, and built to last-Lateral adjustment of the cups is achieved by loosening the thumb screws and sliding the cups along the support tube to the desired width. Tilt is adjusted as on any ordinary bicycle seat.◄
Brooks B67 Bicycle Saddle

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